Maid insurance – Show your maid that you care for her

It is always a delicate decision, just to trust someone and allow him to become part your everyday life. However, particularly in Dubai, the cleaning and maid services business is flourishing and families who choose to hire a maid multiply like mushrooms in a field.

It is probably due to the dynamic tempo that Dubai sets and promotes probably unlike any other city in the wider region. Even compared to neighbouring Abu Dhabi, living in Dubai is like having a constant arrythmia and being happy about it. Work is work and home is home and taking care of the family and household chores sometimes just simply is one step more in our busy daily life. Thus, many people decide to go online, visit sites like and book a maid who will help them to cover the main chores at home while they spend their time doing something with a greater value.

For many families, the person who really stand behind the curtains, runs and takes care of the household is the maid. Without her, dishes would go unwashed piling in the kitchen, restrooms would start to host unwanted guests and stink and kids would be turning the living room into a UFC fighting arena. Nevertheless, when bringing an unknown person to your home and with many expats with different attitudes and standards also making their way through this metropolis finding a trustworthy maid in Dubai as partner is not an easy task.

Now, in order to avoid additional headaches for yourself, experts agree that if you have a full time maid or you are thinking of booking one, maid insurance is something you should definitely will need to buy. By offering such a support for the maid who looks after and cares for you and your home you will show you also care for her. Being aware what type of coverage it includes, what is the benefits plan, wage compensations or what outpatient expenses are included in the domestic medical help aid is super important and will protect the welfare of your maid and will save you from additional trouble of mind.

All in all, trust and support always go both ways, so be sure to do a proper check up when hiring a maid. Check credible sites like realitycheckinc and go for an easy way out and a practical solution to this challenge. All the agencies listed there provide you with the domestic helpers who are, above all trustworthy, but medically covered and insured as well.

Finally, like in everything in life, showing that you care about the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of your maid and being supportive will definitely come as a good return of investment in a form of better focus, stronger dedication and loyalty.

Be prepared, get your maid medically and risk insured and get rid of your troubles easily and you can relax and enjoy the comfort of having a dedicated domestic helper without any second thoughts, fears and worries.

Checklist to Avoid Accident While Babysitting Infants

One of the most difficult tasks for any babysitter in Dubai is to take care of an infant. They have so much energy and stamina that it is difficult, except for the young and physically active, to keep up with them. Combine this excess energy with natural curiosity and you have a recipe for disaster. For a babysitter it is a mortifying occasion when an infant in care meets with an accident. Not only do they have an injured child to take care of, they often have long explanations to give to the parent and listen to admonishment too. But if you are a babysitter in Dubai, or a mother who needs a babysitter in Dubai, you need to know what to do so as to avoid accidents. Here is a checklist of the most common accidents that happen to infants and how to avoid them.

Keep all electric appliances out of reach. Kettles, irons, hair-dryers, etc. are cause for many accidents and it is best they are kept in a secure place where the child has no access.

  1. Use child safe locks on drawers and cupboards to prevent the child from opening them accidently. There are things like, knives, spokes, needles, and other such dangerous items in drawers and cupboards that can hurt a child. Keep them secure with the child lock.
  2. Use stair gates. One of the most common injuries is a child falling down the stairs. To prevent access to the stair well, install gates or block it off with a heavy bit of furniture to prevent the child from using the stairs without assistance.
  3. Keep all harmful chemicals, medicines and cleaning agents away from the curious hands of a child. More children are taken to emergency rooms for treatment of accidental ingestion of a harmful substance than Doctors will care to tell you. So, keep temptation at bay and keep them safely away from the child.
  4. Designate a play area and keep it clear of any clutter. This will reduce the chances of falling or tripping.
  5. Secure all heavy items so they do not topple over and crush the child if accidently knock against.
  6. If there are any electrical sockets within reach, make sure that they are child proof. If not, then put in blank plugs in them to prevent a child from accidently sticking his/her finger in and getting electrocuted.
  7. Fill in all gaps in grills and railing to prevent a child from slipping through and falling down.
  8. Never leave the bathroom door open.
  9. Avoid bringing a child into the kitchen while cooking. If you have to keep them secure in a high chair or in a safe place away from where there is a fire anything hot.

All it needs is a little bit of care and practical thinking to. If you are prepared in advance, accidents can be avoided, or their severity can be reduced. So, take care when you are babysitting and never leave a child unattended while it is awake.